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Over the last year, the site founder decided to keep the name due to its fairly significant audience on Twitter. The name was spun into today’s cashforlife.tv  with the new focus on Quant analysis using open source code libraries like QuantLib, Marketcetera, and others. It appears this is a very power world to build a future with.
Quant is a great sector to be part of as you can still work for a traditional employer but over time, you can have the entrepreneurial spirit if you meet your set P & L (Profit and Loss for the newbies). There are so many spins you can take from this field. Personally, blending development/technology and finance is a fantastic combination to build a future with. That may be up to the reader to decide but is rapidly growing field.
Where does this site go from here? Who knows? It just depends what is read and how people respond to it. Hey, our future may change because of this site. If so, expect an updated ‘About’ page as this site hopefully evolves into something positive.
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