Algo Trading Delight

Algo Trading Delight

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This is a three course bundle

The first course is our popular Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with CryptoCurrency

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(This same course can be helpful to build any trading bot with the understand of all components of a trading bot)

Our second course is 

Smart Money Tactics for Top 5% Crypto Traders

Profitable crypto trading strategies with smart money. don’t use the tactics I used, which is part of the dumb money movement. I even was a victim of all the crypto trading using these strategies. The most important is they are profitable as well.

 Our third course is 

The truth about trading bots: what your challenges or issues?

Here are the topics covered with more to come. Some are funny and some have solutions with no need to be a software coder!

Psychological and Motivational

Asset class choices

Myths of back testing

Is your High Frequency Trading strategy or infrastructure real?

Standard inputs of strategy

Technical analysis indicators which lag

Misconceptions of false self fulfilling prophecy in trading