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Automated Trading with MotiveWave, JForex and Trading Ideas (no programming for traders only)

Automated Trading with MotiveWave, JForex and Trading Ideas (no programming for traders only)

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This will focus on REAL or NEW traders who are not strong in programming or technical skills!

This course will focus on MotiveWave. As a result, you could try a 14 day FREE trial of the trading platform before committing.


1. Intro and welcome

2. Using Jstock From Dukascopy (start practicing here)

3. Get stock trading ideas with with this ultimate screening service.

4.MotiveWave tips and tricks videos including:

  • MotiveWave study for forex pair with indicators I like
  • Downloading thousands of forex data points for backtesting
  • live sign for forex and cryptocurrency webinar
  • Perfect SMA combos for day trading
  • MotiveWave volume profit on forex 1 minute data
  • MotiveWave optimize with back test or walk forward
  • Backtest is ultimate tool to asset a algo trading strategy
  • ELLIOT waves don’t work compared to Harmonics
  • Hurst Cycles appear to work when estimating solid entry
  • MotiveWave templates will save you so much time
  • MotiveWave powerful Harmonic and Elliot Wave scan feature
  • MotiveWave alert sample email and chart
  • Goals and trading ideas for 2020
  • Futures and Options
  • Webinar on Emini micro vs crypto trading ideas
  • AWESOME Volume and Order Flow Analysis and Hurst Cycles in MotiveWave
  • AMA webinar on walk forward back on forex or USA stock tonight
  • Introducing MotiveWave repository for my analysis files
  • MotiveWave ATR or trail stop loss
  • MotiveWave does VWAP
  • Download thousands of data points for backtesting cryptocurrency with MotiveWave
  • Scan with multiple indicators for optimal performing trading instruments
  • Our VWAP Strategy
  • Live trading orders in cryptocurrency with MotiveWave via Bitstamp

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