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Automated trading (non programming) for Forex Crypto Equity

Automated trading (non programming) for Forex Crypto Equity

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This workshop is part of our Non Programmer Trading course. Get full details below. 


This is important to understand as we move into uncertain economic conditions. It is critical under automated trading. This master class will help you get there. Over 21 hours in this class.


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Forex Trading

MotiveWave study for forex pair with indicators I like
Downloading thousands of forex data points for backtesting 
live sign for forex and cryptocurrency webinar 
Watchlist creatiion and pick long term winners for 2022



Download thousands of data points for backtesting cryptocurrency with MotiveWave 12 minute
Webinar on Emini micro vs crypto trading ideas 1 hr 55 minute
Live trading orders in cryptocurrency with MotiveWave via Bitstamp 14 minute

Access to over 21 hours of video with complete outline and details here


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