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Quant Analytics Alerts 3 Month Subscription

Quant Analytics Alerts 3 Month Subscription

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Big Benefits Summary:

  1. Instant access to our New ‘How to Beat The Markets’ course with MotiveWave
  2. Unlimited access to Monthly Intake of 'How to Beat the Markets' trading sessions.
  3. Extra FREE bonus to learn MotiveWave with Automated trading (non-programming) for Forex Crypto Equity ($247 value)
  4. Receive daily stock picks to help filter out winning performers from the losers
  5. Access to our Monthly Bootcamp at $1197 value
  6. Free trading portfolio assessment

One of the most sophisticated signal services for Crypto Currency and Forex Asset class. All market data and pricing comes from Kraken, the safest USA-based exchange..

MONTHLY Billing 

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There are frequent trading baskets (e.g. multiples times a week) to generate a high Sharpe ratio to help circumvent negative returns of inflationary and recessionary conditions. Most baskets generate high Sharpe Ratios > 2.0, which large financial institutions prize. All assets contain a MAINSTREAM commodity future. ETF, or currency instruments. 

This includes latest additions:

1. This includes live email signals for Cryptocurrency, ETF-related, and Forex (from Oanda and Interactive Brokers) . All are generated via our MotiveWave link with new strategies that generate consistent profit

2. Get the latest Analytics files from working charts with entry setups. Exits are using a variety of strategy/studies/indicators

3. Lifetime access to our private/anonymous chat server, which discusses the latest discoveries in algo trading strategy idea development

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